A Typical Atypical Album

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Track 01: Dr. Pepper
Track 02: My Den and I
Track 03: Our First President
Track 04: Kittens: Awesome
Track 05: A Beard On Me
Track 06: Red Like A Lobster (Leonidas Cover)
Track 07: Dance The Monsters Away
Track 08: Invisible Man
Track 09: The Spark, The Storm, The Celebration
Track 10: Unknown Love
Hidden Track: We're All Coming Home (Christmas Day Is Here)


  • My first ever album, A Typical Atypical Album, was created for fun. Quite some time now I've wanted to have my music released, but band situations were/are hard to maintain, so I decided to create an album of solo work. I got the idea to make this album after listening to Leonidas Dezes' eponymous acoustic album. I made my album acoustic because I felt it would be easier to get the material out faster if there wasn't much to produce. In November 2010 I started writing and was finished with all the writing by December. I ended up finishing the album during the 2011 spring semester and released it on March 1st, 2011. The songs on the album are about things I know quite well and could be used to describe me, for example: “Dr. Pepper”.
  • I ended up with 11 tracks, the last one being a hidden track about christmas, which I think is a good length for an album and left me feeling satisfied. Also, on the physical copies I burned to give away at gigs and such there is a special secret. The secret is a HTOA (hidden track one audio) file, or pregap, or Track 0. The easiest way to hear this hidden material is to put the disc into a compatible cd player that can rewind the disc. After the first track begins to play you can rewind the song behind the starting point of CD about three and a half minutes of material, the first three minutes being outtakes for the song “Unknown Love” and the rest being an intro that fades directly into the first track of the album. Though it isn't impossible to rip the HTOA file on a computer it is difficult (since you need a special program), and iTunes along with other basic media players don't read the first track as the seven minute song it technically is, rather only the three and a half minute track that is “Dr. Pepper”.
  • Early on (approximately December 2010) I had made plans for a March 1st release date, but despite feeling really good when it did happen to get released on time I wish I had spent a bit more time on it in the mixing process. Overall, I can't really complain too much anyway because most everyone that has listened to it has given me positive feedback. I also got the final hidden track, “We're All Coming Home (Christmas Day Is Here)” in Stetson's annual literary publication, Touchstone.