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Canvas Kid


Canvas Kid was an indie, emo rock band. The main lineup consisted of Raffaele Famularo (Bass), Bryan Nutting (Drums), and, Phil Meisner (Vocals, Guitar). We played a mix of pop punk, indie rock, emo rock, post-hardcore, and grunge music. We were based out of Fort Lauderdale, FL, and later, West Palm Beach, FL.

After They Cage The Animals dissolved, Raff switched from guitar to bass and I switched from drums to guitar. Then, we enlisted the drumming of Bryan amidst countless singer auditions. No one fit the band, so I simply took on the role and we began recording. We released our first album, Idios Kosmos in 2018, and a music video for “A Completely New Weapon” in 2019. Due to lack of funds, however, we broke up in 2019 before the re-release of the new mixes of Idios Kosmos, and a follow-up EP.


Introduction (2014-2017)

Raffele Famularo and four others made up the band They Cage The Animals. The drummer departed from the band, and I found their ad on craigslist. We had a couple of practices, and I was accepted into the band in 2014. After several replacements/fill-ins later, the band was left with me, Raff, and Bryan. Other members would join and quit from now until the first record but this was the core of the band.

Idios Kosmos (2018-2019)

Main Article: Idios Kosmos

Musical Style & Influences

The music we played was some form of alternative rock, pop rock, pop punk, punk rock, emo rock, indie rock, and post-hardcore.

The idea of the band came from Raff, who wanted to do music in the style of his favorite emo rock bands from the early-middle 00’s. The main bands we took influence from were Brand New and Taking Back Sunday. We did several covers while active as well, from bands such as: blink-182, paramore, The Used, Nirvana, and Jimmy Eat World.

The conceptual story of our first album also took some influence from the political landscape of America, where those in charge hoard their wealth by oppressing the lower classes.

Band Members

Raffaele Famularo (2014 - 2019) — Bass
Bryan Nutting (2016 - 2019) — Drums
Phil Meisner (2014 - 2019) — Vocals, Guitar


Releases Release Date Link
Idios Kosmos 11-8-2018 N/A



Releases Release Date Link
“A Completely New Weapon” 05-10-2019 “A Completely New Weapon”
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