Gauds is my rock band name. This band only consists of me (Phil Meisner), but more people could be added, if I ever wanted to play live shows. I write pop rock, alternative rock, garage rock, and goof rock music for this band. Every album by this band utilizes some conceptual element as its connective tissue, making each song always a part of a larger whole.

In 2019, I released (Infinity X) O.T. & the SEP which has interstitial tracks between most of the songs which connect them. The album as a whole is a “day in the life” of a person living their daily life on repeat.


Introduction (2013-2018)

The band started as a side project from my solo work around 2016, even though songs were used that I had written prior. The name “Gauds” is an antiquated term that means “ornamental trinkets”. I used this name as I thought of my songs as good but overall useless to anybody; literally making them audible trinkets. Through all other bands I have been in, and other musical projects I’ve worked on, Gauds remains as a musical output at the forefront for me.

(Infinity X) O.T. & the SEP (2019)

Main Article: (Infinity X) O.T. & the SEP

Musical Style & Influences

My music is all rock music. With Gauds, I aim to use more music in the realm of goof rock, experimental/noise rock, sound art, pop punk, alternative rock, and power pop.

I take influence from bands such as: Rozwell Kid, The Rentals, Weezer, Coalesce, Talking Heads. For the sound art elements, I take my influence from John Cage and an album called Live to Air. I also am influenced by phrases people say quite heavily.

I was also influenced by the RPM Challenge. Inspired by their idea, I challenged myself to try writing ten songs in one week. I attempted the challenge twice and was successful both times. The songs from the first attempt (except for 1) ended up on (Infinity X) O.T. & the SEP.

Another main influence I have for this band is my background in Digital Arts. I studied Digital Arts with an emphasis on Sound at Stetson University from 2009-2012. I learned most of what I know about sound art from this time.

Band Members

  • Phil Meisner (2016-Present) — Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Programming


Releases Release Date Link
(Infinity X) O.T. & the SEP 11-01-2019 (Infinity X) O.T. & the SEP


Releases Release Date Link
(Infinity X) O.T. & the SEP 11-03-2019 (Infinity X) O.T. & the SEP Music Video
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