Invisible Man Music Video


  • This song was written in November as part of my album, but the reason I wrote it was so that I could make the video to go along with it as an assignment for my Digital Video Fundamentals Class. The video was written in it's entirety first before any recording and editing were involved. Once it was done, I went into the studio and recorded video and audio of myself playing only once each individual note in the piece. After that, I brought the bounced audio file from Logic and the video from my camera and synced them in Final Cut to begin editing. After about ten hours of Final Cut editing the music was finished. I then exported the music and brought it back to the studio to record the vocals. The vocals were simple, as I just recorded a take of me singing the vocals on camera and into Logic in the same fashion as before. Once that was recorded, I again brought the file into Final Cut and synced the music with the vocals. Finally I was done with the video. I did do some more mixing on the song afterwards before I put it on the album.
  • Enough about the technicalities. The song is called “Invisible Man” because it is about a person who seeks to do the right thing and be a model citizen, but goes unnoticed for his actions. However, since he is so upstanding the fact that he is unnoticed doesn't bother him in the slightest. I suppose this is the kind of person I strive to be, and is therefore probably why I wrote and like this song so much.
  • I was very pleased with this video. I accomplished exactly what I had envisioned when I set out to start making it. The audio was cut a bit oddly (in terms of frames in Final Cut) and some clicks and pops can be heard, but since the music wasn't the main goal of this video project I let it slide a bit. I also would rather have the clicks and pops in there so it doesn't seem like it's just a MIDI song. I was also excited to have the video played in Stetson's Spring 2011 Student Composer's Concert, as well as getting the video accepted into Touchstone.