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Leonidas (or Leonidas Dezes) is a singer-songwriter who plays acoustic rock, pop rock, and experimental music. He's also Assistant Professor of Art at the College of Idaho. Though typically a solo artist, he features many musicians on his albums.

We met at Stetson University while we were both studying digital art. For his senior thesis project he wrote an album, Deep Into The Blue, on which I played drums as well as providing vocals on several tracks. I have also worked with Leo on the albums: Ultra Fighters and Uno, Dos, Trees.


Introduction (2009-2011)

Soon after I met Leo, he gave me a copy of his first album Leonidas. This prompted my to write my own first album, which was also acoustic, in 2011. After the summer of 2011, the new semester was beginning, and a mutual friend of ours, Pat Sante, came to me as the producer for a new album Leo was working on. He knew I played the drums, so he asked if I would track with them, and I accepted.

Deep Into The Blue (2012)

Main Article: Deep Into The Blue

Ultra Fighters (2013)

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Uno, Dos, Trees (2017)

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Musical Style & Influences


Releases Release Date Link Worked with Phil
Leonidas 09-14-2009 Leonidas No
Deep Into The Blue 12-31-2011 Deep Into The Blue Yes
Ultra Fighters 02-19-2013 Ultra Fighters Yes
Seagulls Fighting Over A Chip 01-28-2014 Seagulls Fighting Over A Chip No
Uno, Dos, Trees 05-30-2017 Uno, Dos, Trees Yes
408 11-13-2020 408 No


Releases Release Date Link
Deep Into The Blue 04-04-2013 Deep Into The Blue: Senior Thesis (Playlist)
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