Rainy Day Running Man


  • This was another video for Digital Video Fundamentals. I feel like this was a good art piece to put into my portfolio because of it's sound design. The video itself is a bit goofy, but I feel as though it was edited extremely well. All of the audio that I got when recording video was deleted instantly and all the scenes were sound designed. The first scene, where the video derives its title from, is a rainy day that has an animated man running. The video was taken from inside my dorm room looking out a closed window, so the audio of the rain and footsteps were added in afterwards. The man falling out of the sky was done in the same fashion. The next scene is a shot of the ceiling in Stetson's Hat Rack. Once again the background cafeteria noises were added in later as well as some surreal noises that match some of the odd things seen in the video. The final scene is another shot in the Hat Rack facing the stage and large window. The video fades to white as a “angelic” chorus finishes with a nice calming cadence whilst simultaneously displaying “Fin” on the screen.
  • The assignment for this video was pretty open ended, I think the only requirement was to have some motion tracking, and I feel that this is why it was fairly disjointed in the sense that there are three separate scenes. I do feel as it was a success because it was accepted into Stetson's 2010 Juried Art Exhibition, winning me an award at the Exhibition as well.